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Every year, top swimsuit designers from around the world will present their latest designs, and you will find many women wearing such swimsuits when you hit the beach. If you do not want to look out of date, check out this list of top swimsuit styles for 2012.

1) Romantic Ruffles – Swimsuits with romantic ruffles are cute yet sexy. They can come with subtle frills or extravagant cascades, and they can suit all kinds of body shape. Ruffles can make you look curvier, bustier, or slimmer, depending on where they are located.

2) Tie-Up – This year’s hottest tie-ups are those with restraining lace-ups, statement straps, and gift-wrap-style ties.

3) Monokini Mania – Cut-out monokinis with linked tops and bottoms are the perfect swimsuits for accentuating the right curves and covering areas of concern. They look like one-piece swimsuits from the front and two-piece swimsuits from the back.

4) Black and White – Black and white is a timeless combination, and it is no surprise that the pairing is still considered trendy today. Whether you are on the beach or poolside, you cannot go wrong with this iconic combination.

5) Juicy Citrus – Orange, lemon, and lime-colored swimwear will make you look more youthful and radiant. Forget neutrals and hit the beach in these refreshing swimsuits.

6) On the Fringe – Whether they drew inspiration from the Native Americans or hippies, many swimsuit designers are incorporating fringe into their designs. Fringe swimsuits can make you the center of attention on any beach.

7) Structured Bikini Tops – Bikinis with structured molded tops provide great bust enhancement and support. If your busts are not as big as you want them to be, these trendy bikini tops will do the trick.

8) Call of the Wild – Both young and old women can enhance their sex appeal by wearing swimsuits that feature animal prints. Animal prints vary in size, and they can come in the form of tiger stripes, leopard spots, or others. You can add a new twist to the classic trend by opting for a fun color combo.

9) Sexy Snakeskin – Snakeskin prints can create a sleek, sexy, and mysterious look, and they are appearing on many top swimwear designers’ creations. If you want to look irresistible this summer, get a swimsuit with snakeskin prints.

10) Tie-Dye – The iconic tie-dye look of the 1970s is back. No longer just for the hippies, this psychedelic look has become a part of the current swimsuit culture.

11) White Hot – Crisp white bikinis and one-piece swimsuits may look simple, but they are the pure and powerful new basic in swimwear design.

12) Bling It On – Sparkly clothes are no longer just worn at night. Swimsuits with sequins, jewels, and glitter are now one of the hottest swimwear designs, and they will make you shimmer and turn heads on the beach.